News 2017/03/05

March 1 2017 New firmware CMN2015-1_B2GOS-20170301 had released.

Boot Animation is brand new!

News 2017/03/05

2017.3.1 新ファームウェア CMN2015-1_B2GOS-20170301 がリリースされました。


News 2017/02/04

February 4 2017 CHIRIMEN touch and try events was overed! 

News 2017/02/04

2017.2.4 CHIRIMEN タッチ&トライ イベントが終了しました!

News 2017/01/09

January 9 2017 CHIRIMEN Board Echigo Rev.1 was sold-out!

News 2017/01/09

2017.1.9 CHIRIMEN Board Echigo Rev.1 が完売しました!

News 2017/01/04

December 31 2016 CHIRIMEN board had certified at by OSHWA!  UID is : JP000003

News 2017/01/04

2016.12.31 OSHWAにCHIRIMEN ボードが承認されました! UID is : JP000003

News 2016/08/08

first release Firmware was exhibited.

It can be downloaded from following link.

first release のファームウェアを公開しました。



The Web browser has had a significant role for human being in order to use computer network in modern society and the demand as computing platform to run various applications also increases.

In the future societies as indicated by the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Web of Things (WoT) where various physical things are connected through computer network, human existence remain important. Therefore, we need an environment where human and physical things cooperate with each other. We believe that such a future is going to be made centering the web browser.

In this project, we aim to design and build the environment (platform) openly with the participants. We will be making suggestions on the identity of the Web as well as better relationship between human and physical things over the Web in the future society through discussion, making/trying out/improving prototypes.


IoT や WoT といったコンセプトが示す、さまざまなモノがコンピュータネットワークで繋がる未来の社会においても、私たちヒトは重要な存在です。したがって、ヒトとモ ノがウェブを介して互いに協調しあえる環境が必要です。そして、それはウェブブラウザ核に作られていくのはないかと考えます。

本プロジェ クトは、このような環境(プラットホーム)を参加者の皆さんとオープンにデザインし、つくりあげていくことをめざします。また このような今後の新たな社会での“ウェブらしさ”とは何か、ウェブを介したよりよいヒト・モノの関係とは何かを、ディスカッション、プロトタイプ制作、利用、改良を通して考え、提案していきます。

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  • March 1 2017

    New firmware had released.

  • February 4 2017

    CHIRIMEN touch & try events.

  • January 9 2017

    CHIRIMEN Board Echigo Rev.1 was sold-out!

  • December 31 2016

    CHIRIMEN Board had certified by the OSHA.

  • September 17 2016

    The Sale Memorial Day Event CHIRIMEN Board hands-on

  • August 08 2016

    Released CHRIMEN Board first firmware image !!!

  • August 06 2016

    Sale Of CHIRIMEN Board Started By Switch Science !!!

  • April 30 2016

    CHIRIMEN’s day


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