Development-environment preparation section windows version


The current CHIRIMEN is a Boot to Gecko OS based board computer. Then, its development environment is one for B2G based computer. It uses WebIDE carried in Firefox on host PC. Furthermore, ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on host PC is used as supplement. Therefore, Firefox WebIDE and ADB on host PC must be able to recognize CHIRIMEN.

Required equipments

In addition to all the equipments used by startup section, the following is required for a hardware element necessary for this development environment.

Hardware connection diagram


Software which should be installed in host PC

Step by step guide

Here, an installation procedure is explained.

Installation of a USB driver

Install ADB (Android Debug Bridge).

Make CHIRIMEN recognize by Firefox WebIDE.

Note: WebIDE controls CHIRIMEN using the function of ADB. Therefore, please enable it to operate CHIRIMEN by ADB with the procedure to the preceding chapters.

Fundamental development environment was ready!